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Building Cleaning Services

Our deep cleaning team will not only remove surface dirt from all areas of your building but provide a service that will eradicate bacteria and grime. The specialized team will cover every environment and even appliances to ensure your building is spotless and professionally cleaned.

With industrial equipment as well as eco-friendly products, we will ensure your environment receives the most thorough clean.

Pest Control Management

Large-scale pest control management takes proper planning and execution to ensure you prevent any potential problems before needing to work reactively to get rid of unwanted visitors.

Bedaya Farha Technical Services partners with the most competent and responsible pest control management specialists. They fully evaluate your facility and the purpose it is used for to assess which particular pests – flying, crawling or rodent – may be likely to cause a potential issue, and which parts of the facility may be the worst affected. They then implement a comprehensive pest prevention plan.

Wherever possible, and in complete adherence to local legislation, they minimize the use of pesticides, using odor-free chemicals that cause minimal damage to the environment and are safe to the community

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