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We have different maintenance models consist of planned preventive maintenance, Corrective Maintenance, Reactive Maintenance, Predictive Maintenance

Preventive Maintenance

This maintenance is regularly performed based on the yearly maintenance schedule of the Assets. Maintenance of Assets / Equipment is provided by our professionals. It consists of a series of elementary tasks including, data collections, visual inspections, operational inspections, functional checks, cleaning, lubrication and all necessary tasks which are recommended by OEM companies based on the international and regional standards)

Predictive Maintenance

The aim of predictive maintenance is first to predict when equipment failure might occur, secondly, to prevent occurrence of the failure by performing maintenance. Site inspections by monitoring the systems for future failure allow maintenance to be planned before the failure occurs.

Reactive Maintenance

It is known as breakdown maintenance. This maintenance is done when equipment has already broken down. Reactive maintenance focuses on restoring the equipment to its normal operating condition. The broken-down equipment is returned to working within service specifications by replacing or repairing faulty parts and components.

Corrective Maintenance

This maintenance is performed in order to return equipment to proper working condition. Depending on the context of its use. Our professional corrective teams are ready to serve to our clients 24 hours.

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